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Apple Acknowledges Battery Life Issues with iOS 5, Working on a Fix

liosfive.jpgApple has issued a statement addressing customer complaints regarding iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery life issues. Apple is now testing iOS 5.0.1 which will reportedly address the issue.

What’s more interesting is that Apple is expanding their testing to include some of the customers who originally reported the issue. The company is doing this through Apple’s invitation-only customer seeding program.

Furthermore, the report also notes that Apple is notifying their retail store support staff of the battery issues, and are being told to tell customers to hold on for “a few weeks” as Apple preps the software update for release. Apple support staff have been told to not offer replacement devices for battery issues at this time unless hardware defects are discovered.

Besides fixing the battery life issue, iOS 5.0.1 will fix additional bugs, while bringing multitasking gestures to the original iPad. So there’s that.

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