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Using Siri to Create Notes in Evernote


Even with the myriad of very good note-taking and writing apps available on the App Store, one favorite that has remained a constant for me for years is Evernote. There are other apps that I much prefer for pure writing, but Evernote has always been and still is my go-to place for ‘remembering everything’. So it’s still an incredibly useful destination for notes.

And now on the iPhone 4S and thanks to the ever-so-helpful Siri, it’s easier than ever to create a quick note in Evernote. To do so, you just ask Siri to send an email to Evernote, tell her the email subject and body text, and let her send it off for you. It will land in your default Evernote notebook on next sync, or near instantly if you do a manual sync.

Here are the quick, basic steps to get this setup:

— If you haven’t already done so, create Evernote as a contact in your address book – with your incoming Evernote email address. You can find this in the iPhone or iPad app under Settings > Evernote email address, or in the desktop app under Evernote > Account Info.

— Then just launch Siri and ask her to ‘Send email to Evernote’ or just ‘Email Evernote’. She’ll ask you for subject and body and if you want her to send it.

Siri + Evernote is a very nice and powerful way to create quick notes on the iPhone 4S.

Hat tip to the Evernote Blog for the tip on this.

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