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Apple Still Looking Into iOS 5 Battery Problems

liosfive.jpgJust days after Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to the public to address bugs causing battery life issues for some iPhone users, there are still complaints coming in from customers regarding crummy battery life.

Apple has now issued a statement (via AllThingsD) claiming that the company is still looking into these battery life complaints, and are searching for the problems. Apple did not mention a forthcoming update with more fixes, but it would be safe to assume that work is already underway to resolve this issue.

To give hope to some, and rub it in the face of others, I never noticed battery life being that bad out of the box for my iPhone 4S, but then again, I had no benchmark (owning an older iPhone) to gauge it against. Then with iPhone 5.0.1 installed a noticed an improvement. I can go all day now and not dip below 50% charge even with semi-regular usage. In other words, there’s hope out there yet.

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  • Doug Wylie

    My battery has gotten a lot worse on my Iphone 4s and Ipad 2.

  • Darcy

    This problem is not new, nor is it related only to the iPhone 5/iOS5. I have had this problem with my iPhone4 prior to installing iOS5. Unfortunately I did keep track of which iOS4 update seemed to precipitate this issue. I got the phone in February 2011 and the battery life was fine for about 5 or 6 months. During that period I got two full days of battery life with light use. Overnight with all the apps shut down, my phone would only use 3 or 4 % of the battery.

    Once the battery issue started my phone would go from 100% to about 50% in 4 or 5 hours with almost no use at all. My battery issue seemed to be related to a connectivity issue. Even though my signal strength would be at 5 bars, occasionally it would not download my email. The gear wheel just kept spinning. Web pages would not load when I tried to use safari. Once that happened the battery drain would be rapid. Turning the airplane mode on for a few minutes and then turning it off seems to provide a quick (although temporary) fix. Once it reconnects, it will temporarily halt the rapid battery drain for a short time. The apple store actually replaced my iphone4 about two months ago because of my complaints about this issue. The issue remains with my new phone and iOS5 installed.

    Although this problem is not of the same magnitude as blackberry’s issue, I am surprised Apple gets away with persistent problems like this.

    Well at least Apple has now recognized the issue, which they did not with the iPhone 4.

  • Martin Goswami

    Upgrading from 5 to 5.01 has killed the battery life on my iPhone 4 🙁


    anyhow part of the solution is the essential batterylifeguard app