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Report Claims Apple’s 15-Inch Ultra-Thin Notebook to Launch in March of 2012

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple’s rumored, forthcoming 15-inch ultra-thin notebook is on track to be introduced in March of 2012, with some components for production set to ship this month. DigiTimes does note that it is not clear as to whether these components are destined for a MacBook Air model, or a thinner MacBook Pro model.

Of course, the introduction of a new 15-inch notebook from Apple has been rumored since July. Another report surfaced in late October claiming that just such a machine was about to enter production. So it at least seems likely that something of this nature is underway at Apple.

Personally I think this fits well in line with Apple product cycles. They just recently gave the MacBook Pro a very minor update in graphics, processor speeds and storage capacities. To me, this suggests that Apple was just refreshing the line so that those looking to buy a MacBook Pro for the holiday season (or if they needed one for work God forbid) would have a nice update, but once this hypothetical machine ships won’t feel quite so envious of the new design. Just a thought.

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