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Apple Seeds: Apple Names New Board Members, Updates on Samsung Battle, Marketshare Numbers, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Apple Appoints New Board Members to the Board of Directors

We normally don’t cover the business-y stuff hear at iSource, but I thought this was worth giving lip service since it would not be occurring if Jobs was still with us. That is, Apple has now appointed Art Levinson Chairman of the Board, and added Disney CEO Bob Iger to the Board. [Read More]

Samsung Decides Not to Seek iPhone 4S Sales Ban in South Korea, Gains Access to iPhone 4S Source Code

In the ongoing battle with Apple, Samsung has decided not to seek an injunction to ban the sale of iPhone 4S units in South Korea. On the other side, Samsung has won access to the iPhone 4S’ source code. [Read More]

Android Passes 50% of Smartphone Sales, Apple Still Rakes In the Most Money

Here’s another report confirming what we already knew. Android new comprises over 50% of smartphone sales, but Apple rakes in the most profit per unit, and thus industry wide. That’s over half of industry profits. [Read More]

iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Still Lead US Smartphone Sales into Q3

NPD reports that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, even though they were 16 and 28 months old respectively, continued to hold the top spots in US smartphone sales in Q3. This has undoubtedly changed since the introduction of the iPhone 4S. [Read More]

Siri Protocol Reverse Engineered, Still Can’t be Widely Distributed

The same people who brought you VLC player on the App Store (which was later removed) have managed to reverse engineer the protocol Siri uses to communicate with Apple’s servers. That said, it can’t be used on older devices or in developer application yet due a unique identifier needed to access the feature on Apple’s servers. Give it time says I. [Read More]

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