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Shazam Updated – Adds Lyric Play to Its Free App


Shazam – the popular song-identifying / music discovery app – has been updated this week, to Version 4.8.0. The headline change in the update is the addition of the LyricPlay feature to the free app (it was previously available in the premium versions).

Here’s a quick intro for LyricPlay:

Full-screen visualization of lyrics that play in time to the music you’re tagging – learn the lyrics you thought you knew.

LyricPlay creates a more interactive experience, letting fans go beyond discovering the song title, artist and other great information; now they can also see the lyrics with eye-catching visual themes in time with the music they have just tagged.


I gave LyricPlay a quick try this morning, and it works quite nicely. It didn’t offer the feature for every song I chose, but it did for the vast majority and got the lyrics perfectly in sync for every song it did work with.

Here are the quick steps for using LyricPlay in Shazam:

— Tag a song

— Start the feature by tapping the new LyricPlay icon when it appears in a Tag result and turning their device horizontally to a landscape position, then watch the lyrics as they scroll, jump, pop or slide in real-time with the song;

— Stop LyricPlay by tapping the lyrics for options to return to the Tag result for that song.

Shazam has always been quite a cool app – one with a lot of wow factor when it was first released, and LyricPlay should prove to be a popular and heavily used new feature. It’s nice to see it come to the free version of the app.

Here’s an App Store link for Shazam

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  • Josh

    Just discovered LyricPlay on Shazzamm in my Evo4G. I freaking love it!

  • Danilo Nogueira

    Lyric Play dont appears to me!
    I installed in a US account (I´m in Brasil) and when I enter in TAP SETTINGS, LyricPlay dont appear!!!

  • Tano

    Same problem as Danilo here, I’ve tried several well-known songs and I can’t see LyricPlay anywhere in the app. I’m from Spain by the way. Come on Shazam guys, we foreigners want to see the lyrics too…

  • mop

    same problem here, at the first time i have it, the lyrics and now…nothing..

  • Hian Battiston

    Hi guys! I was having the same problem with lyric play but a found out how to solve it!

    How to:
    Settings > General > International > Region Format > United States

    And then, magic, it works!

  • Katelyn

    I love lyricplay! its amazing and is so neat. There are so many different styles and its very fun and easy to use.