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Report Claims Apple Slowing iPad 2 Display Orders, Ramping Up Production of Next-Generation iPad

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Digitimes is reporting that Apple has slowed their Q4 orders to their suppliers regarding display components for the iPad 2. Reportedly this move isn’t due to a lack of demand, but rather a part of Apple’s greater strategy. That is, they are slowing down iPad 2 production, while ramping up iPad 3 production. The company is able to do this because they reportedly stockpiled components during Q3 so they could reduce orders in Q4.

In other words, Apple stockpiled components for the iPad 2 to make way for the ramp up in production for the iPad 3. The report notes that both display and touch panel manufacturers have begun or will begin soon, the shipping of the components to Apple.

This all falls in line with what we’ve been hearing. The next-generation iPad is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2012, with the introduction of Apple’s “Retina” high-resolution displays on the device. However, there are rumors floating around that Apple’s manufacturing partners are unable to produce these high-resolution screens in quantity. This report seems to suggest otherwise.

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