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Display Shipments for Next-Generation iPad Nearing 3 Million Units, Assembly Beginning in January

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Following a report from DigiTimes that claimed that Apple had reduced the number of iPad 2 display components they were ordering for the fourth quarter, while cranking up orders for iPad 3 displays. Well, a new report from DigiTimes sheds more light on the situation, and claims that over three million display units to Apple’s manufacturing partners by the end of this month.

The display suppliers in question are Samsung, Sharpe, and LG. As for the touch module component, it is said to be similar to the one used in the iPad 2, and are will ship soon from TPK and Wintek to Foxconn for a target assembly timeframe of January 2012.

This is only worth reporting on, simply because it reinforces the rumors that the next-generation iPad will have a higher resolution “Retina” display, and that it will likely ship sometime later in the first calendar quarter of 2012.

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