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New iPhone Data Speed Numbers: AT&T Offers Fastest Data, Sprint the Slowest


Metrico Wireless has released a nationwide study wherein they measured nationwide cellular data speeds with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. They found that AT&T had the fastest data speeds, while Sprint came in as the slowest with speeds about 1/5 that of AT&T. Across all carriers the iPhone 4S pulled slightly ahead of the iPhone 4 in download speeds. This is likely due to Apple’s new antenna system introduced with the iPhone 4S.

It’s not all bad for Sprint though; they have the best call quality on the uplink. That is when the iPhone owner is the one speaking. AT&T on the other hand has the best voice quality on the downlink.

Surprisingly, Sprint has the most dropped calls at 3.7% call failure rate. Verizon saw a 2.1% call failure rate, and AT&T saw 2.8% call failure rate. In sum, AT&T seems to handle the iPhone alright now (as compared to a few years ago) Verizon comes in somewhere in-between and Sprint pulls up the rear, especially in regards to data speeds.

I’m a Sprint customer, and I’ve had only one dropped call, and at least to my thinking, was due to me standing in a partially underground building with three foot thick concrete walls. But I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. As for data speeds, yeah, they’re pretty bad on Sprint, but I knew that when I signed up, and I’m rarely off of Wi-Fi.

Image courtesy of Metrico Wireless.

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  • I sincerely believe the service on AT&T is getting better with the iPhone. My company made the iPhone the primary communications devise overall and even went as far to remove all our desk phones. We now have only the iphone running the Cisco app for business calls and our personal number is on the cellular network. They placed a iFusion docking stations at all our desk and I like this thing for It has the traditional handset. Overall I don’t experience any issues like the past and I really like the fact I’m not answering two phones anymore.