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Codename for iPad 3 Found Buried by iOS 5, Confirms Some Rumors

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9to5Mac is reporting that they have found a codename belonging to the next-generation iPad in the latests iOS 5 betas. The item that is gaining the most attention is called “J2”.

This is significant because other reports, specifically this one from DigiTimes, have claimed that Apple has two internal next-generation iPad prototypes with code names of J1 and J2. This report goes on to note that Apple is looking to incorporate two light bars into the new device, but this makes shrinking the thickness a lot harder.

This isn’t surprising considering it was just reported by iLounge, that the new higher-resolution iPad will require two light bars. However, they claim that the device will indeed be .7mm thicker than the iPad 2 due to this requirement.

In other words, this report half way confirms another an earlier report, which claims that Apple is still trying to cram a “Retina” display in the next-generation iPad.

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  • Well some of it might be true but some might not like last many times a rumor can only be trusted in half …. I am sure they are aware of iPhone 4S issues hope they don`t pop up in iPad 3 specially the Battery one and if it does feel free to stop by we the Custom Application Developers……!!!