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Samsung Ad Takes the Piss Out of iPhone Fanboys (and Girls)

This new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II tells you just about nothing about the phone, except that it’s amazing and has a huge screen. Instead, it focuses on showing us that people who lineup for the latest iPhone are all pretty much too cool for school hipster-ish dickheads who need to get over themselves.

It’s a mildly amusing ad, but saying almost nothing about the phone being advertised is definitely the direct opposite of an iPhone ad. I’m guessing that the product-focused ads are more effective.

What do you all think of the ad? Is this a good style of ad for Samsung / Android phones?

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  • jboehim

    Samsuck and Apple are a complete joke.

    They get sued each other, Samsung copies the Iphone, and they do everything to discredit each other in the marketplace. But Apple is still partnering with Samsung to provide chips for their products!

    Its like having you and you’re wife cheat on each other and you know all about and you’re totally okay with it.

  • whydidnt

    Well, I think generally highlighting a products functionality is the better tactic. However, in this case I think they are trying to make a point to those who think the iPhone is the only smart phone out there. In other words, look at these people standing in line for the iPhone that have a completely closed mind when it comes to EVEN considering something else. I think they are trying to get consumers to open their eyes that there is an alternative and rather than being one of the sheep they should see what best meets their needs. So in this circumstance, it’s a pretty decent strategy.

  • Jean


    The add doesn’t tell you anything new about the S2, it’s just an hilarious
    take on iPhone (apple) users, me included. I thought it was hilarious, but it didn’t generate much interest on my side towards the S2.