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Thirsty Bag – A Rescue Kit for When Your iPhone Gets Water Spilled On It

Thirsty Bag

The Thirsty Bag is a very clever new product from the folks at iFixit, masters of device teardowns and repair manuals. It serves as a handy rescue pal to have around in case you ever spill liquid on your iPhone. It is touted as being far more effective than any ‘homebrew’ method of drying off and salvaging a liquid-damaged device – in fact they’re guaranteed to absorb all the water out of a device without any risk of damage.

Introducing the Thirsty Bag – the bag that is guaranteed to absorb 100% of the water out of your device and help get it running again. Using the Thirsty Bag directly after an accident can dramatically reduce the chances of a short.

It can also be used with a number of other mobile devices:

The Thirsty Bag is big enough to work for PSPs, watches, cameras, calculators, PDAs, and more. It can even dry your larger electronics, like iPads and DSLR cameras, if you use a larger sealable bag.

Broken iPhone not included. That's for you to provide.

Here’s a little of the detail on how these bags work:

We use molecular sieves, the best in desiccant technology, inside the bags to absorb the maximum amount of water from the environment. Molecular sieves work by allowing small molecules (such as water) through their pores while concurrently blocking out larger molecules (the rest of your device). What does that mean for you? Ridding yourself of every drop of liquid in your device.

Fair warning: using the Thirsty Bag will ensure that there will be no liquid left inside to cause a short, but it will not guarantee that your device will work afterwards. Think of it as an electronic bandage. You’ll use a bandage if you get shot (and it’ll even extract the bullet for you in this example), but it won’t guarantee that you’ll live. So just as it’s handy to have some bandages around in case you get into a gunfight, it’s handy to have the Thirsty Bag around just in case you drop your iPhone into the toilet while reading this blog post.

This is obviously the sort of product that you’re going to hope to never use, but be eternally grateful for if you do happen to spill liquid on your precious iPhone. For $6.95 I’d say it’s a good deal that will offer peace of mind for those who have any worries at all about spills (and really who doesn’t have those worries?).

For more info or to order a Thirsty Bag, see the iFixit product page for it here: http://www.ifixit.com/Tools/Thirsty-Bag/IF145-163

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  • I was wondering do you have any distrubutor of the Thirsty bag in Ireland and if you do not, i may be interested and if you could send me on the bulk order price for them.