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Microsoft Said to be “Actively Working” on Office Suite for iPad and Mac App Store


The Daily is reporting that Microsoft is “actively working” on bringing their Office suite of applications to the iPad, which of course would be in direct competition to Apple’s own iWork suite of applications. The report also notes that Microsoft is also working on updating their Mac Office suite and will be bringing it to the Mac App Store sometime next year.

In the early days of the iPad Microsoft commented that they were “looking at” the possibility of bringing their Office suite to the iPad. Soon after, and at the time of the iPad’s retail launch, Microsoft then claimed that they were not planning on developing for the platform.

I know it is too easy to beat up on Microsoft, but this is their traditional way of handling competition. That is, they announce plans to do something when a competitor announces their plans. They will not act on their announced plans until they have to. Now they’re realizing that the iPad is here to stay, and according to this report, will be developing for it.

It’s fair that that they were waiting to see if the iPad caught on before they decided to hop on board. I’m reading too much into it, but it sounds like they were trying to dismiss the platform. This is where Microsoft needs to decide if they are software company or a “Windows” company. They think they are the latter, and the rest of us no longer care. Google and Apple have stolen their thunder in recent years.

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