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Report Claims iTunes Music Store Set to Launch in South America on December 8th

itunes10logo380.jpgThe Next Web has aggregated several reports from Brazilian media outlets who claim that Apple will be launching the iTunes Music store in at least Brazil, if not through most of South America on December 8th.

For some time customers in these countries have had access to the iTunes App Store, but have not been able to purchase content from the iTunes Music Store. This of course, is likely due to content licensing and stalled negotiations.

Also, the report notes that the iTunes Music Store, just as with the App Store in this region, will be priced in US dollars instead of local currencies. So, if anyone wants to make a purchase in these stores, they will need an international credit card. This will reportedly be the case for at least six months.

Just in the last few months it seems that Apple is really pushing their content stores, with iTunes movie content recently launching in various EU countries. Plus, Apple has been beefing up their presence in South America, with one report claiming that products are already coming off the line in a new, Apple-funded, Brazilian manufacturing plant.

Perhaps I’m reading way too much into this, but it seems that Apple is definitely beefing up their media offerings both in the US and in locations that previously did not offer such content. And with that in mind, it suggests that Apple is preparing to make a big push in a market that is very content driven, say, the television set market.

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