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Apple Posts New Build of OS X 10.7.3 to Developers, Hints at Upcoming Mac Pro Refresh

685EAFCA-246B-4A63-B925-10B7552590CF.jpgNearly three weeks after the original developer seed of OS X 10.7.3, Apple has seeded a second build (Build 11D24) to developers. In this build Apple has added both Safari and Spotlight as areas of developer testing for this maintenance update. Of course, Apple is still asking developers to look into areas such as iCloud Document Storage, Address Book, iCal and Mail.

Since this developer release, Netkas has found hints of the next-generation Mac Pro in the release. Specifically, there are functions names referencing something called “Tahiti”. I happens that “Tahiti” is the codename for AMD’s forthcoming 28nm desktop video cards due out next month.

MacGadget.de takes it one step further and extrapolates that this “Tahiti” reference must be for the Mac Pro as it is the only remaining Mac to utilize desktop-class graphics chips. Plus, Apple traditionally only introduces new graphics card compatibility with each Mac Pro revision.

Even with all of this evidence, the future of the Mac Pro sill seems uncertain. Rumors have circulated that claim Apple is even questioning whether to continue manufacturing the line. That said, the the release of this new AMD card coincides nicely with the planned release of new Intel Xeon chips which would be suitable for a new Mac Book Pro.

If I was a betting man, I would say that Apple has at least one more Mac Pro update in them. It’s been July of 2010 since Apple has updated the line, so it’s well overdue, and professionals still use and swear by them. I wouldn’t even begin to wager on whether the company updates the enclosure as some rumors have suggested. I just believe that the time isn’t right for Apple to kill off the Pro just yet.

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