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Flip Flip Ring Ring (Flipboard for iPhone)

Flipboard for iPhone was released earlier this evening, preceded by an awesome set of tweets, which means you can now enjoy that delicious magazine-style mix of RSS, Twitter, and Facebook linkage on your iPhone.
It’s (quite literally) too early to talk much more about the hot new app, but I do love how they changed th swiping paradigm to vertical, instead of the horizontal style that prevails on the iPad. It just makes so much more sense to flick up and down on an iPhone than it does to constantly swipe left or right (I do dig how the app lets you go back by swiping right, though).

For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about at 1:24 AM EST, here’s the iTunes Link for Flipboard.

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  • Mike dg

    I love flipboard

  • Dylan Pueppke