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Evernote for iPhone: Still Funky With Plain Text

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I have faith in Evernote’s ability to stay around, in the company’s commitment to both host and let me keep the stuff I put into it, and in frequent and exciting updates for clients across all sorts of platforms…but my faith in the basics has been waivering. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Evernote has clients across most every smartphone platform and browser, or maybe it’s that Evernote has recently gotten more aggressive in terms of what kinds of (rich) text they support on their clients, but I’ve been feeling consistently disappointed in Evernote’s ability to handle the most basic of text notes. My external brain should be able to keep up with my internal brain.

A few iOS updates ago I wasn’t even able to paste text into Evernote because doing so would slaughter the formatting (no line breaks). Then the November 23 update hit and I gave the app (yet) another shot and things seemed to be going just fine, until I saw this:

Evernote iPhone text off screen

That’s a text note that I wrote and dictated from right within the Evernote app. I wrote a draft in one shot, saved it, and then took a look at it. As you can see from the picture above, a lot of the text near the bottom is bleeding right off the page, and I have to scroll to the right for two screens to read the rest. I have no idea why this happened, but I can’t seem to fix the note. Luckily for me, copying and pasting the text into another app fixed it up.

This is not a post where I defame Evernote and yell about how other people should stop using it. There seem to be a lot of happy customers. I’d love to be one of them and am willing to pay for the premium service, but I really need to see some more attention to detail on the base level here. Plain text written or pasted into the app shouldn’t just break word wraps and bleed off the screen. I’d love to see this fixed before any other major features come out.

Unfortunately, the Nov 23 Evernote build for iPhone and iPad seems like a bust for me, but I’ll be hoping the next one works out better (and I’ll submit support tickets in the mean time).

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