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Apple Reportedly Set to Launch 2880X1800 Resolution Displays in MacBook Pro Line in Q2 of 2012


DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is preparing to introduce an ultra high-resolution “retina” display to the MacBook Pro line as early as Q2 of next year. The report notes that Apple’s supply chain partners are the source of this report.

Also, this would presumably be for the 15-inch model which currently carries a resolution of 1440×900. We’ve seen evidence that Apple is preparing for the arrival of such high-resolution displays in the form of “HiDPI” mode and high resolution icons as large as 1024×1024.

Plus, Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, which are widely believed to be used in Apple’s next-generation mobile computers, will support resolutions as outrageously high as 4096×4096. So the evidence is there, it’s just a matter of when Apple plans to execute on this. According to this new report, they will be doing so soon.

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