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T-Mobile USA Reworking Their Network, Some iPhone Users Now Gaining Access to 3G Data Speeds

tmobile.gifAs anyone looking to buy an iPhone in the States knows, T-Mobile USA does not currently handle Apple’s device. This appears to be due to failed or nonexistant negotiations between T-Mobile USA and Apple. At any rate, T-Mobile has claimed that over a million iPhones are currently running on their network, despite not being sanctioned by either company.

There are now reports that iPhone users on their network are picking up 3G speeds. This is noteworthy because up to this point, T-Mobile was operating (and still largely is) on a different frequency than other GSM networks such as AT&T. That means, the unlocked iPhone operating on their network, can only pick up EDGE data.

It is now being reported by TmoNews that T-Mobile USA refarming their spectrum to prop up their HSPA+ 84 network, which has created “pockets” of 1900MHz band which is iPhone-accessible. In short, there are some iPhones on T-Mobile’s network which are now picking up 3G data from that network.

To me, at least reading between the lines, this suggests that T-Mobile is trying to prep their network for the arrival of the iPhone. Perhaps not, they are doing this to remain competitive, yes, but they’re the only major carrier in the states not carrying the iPhone. They have to want it, because, it’s money on the table.

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