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Marco Arment on Open vs. Closed…Headphones

Open V closed Headphones

Here’s another Open vs. Closed debate, but it doesn’t feature the usual contenders. Instead of focusing iOS and Android, Marco Arment (developer of Instapaper) has written about open headphone designs and how they differ from their closed counterparts.

Open headphones, like my friend’s Grado SR-60, sound great but the sound can easily be drowned out by outside noises. Closed headphone designs, like the one on my Sennheiser PX-200 II i, do a much better job of blocking ambient noise and keeping my music just to me (which reduces that inadvertent music sharing that happens when you sit beside someone on the bus).

Marco’s post points out a number of other pros and cons, but the bit about ambient noise was the one that really struck a chord with me.  The post is still well worth a read though, especially if you like a few extra headphone recommendations served with your arguments.

[via Marco.org]

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