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Holidays Create Spike in New iOS Device Activations

As years past have made apparent, Apple’s biggest sales quarter aligns nicely with the holiday shopping season. No surprise there. However, we normally have to wait for Apple’s earnings conference call at the end of the quarter to see how they performed. Not this year. At least not in regards to iOS device activations.

One analytics firm, Flurry, has issued a report claiming that both iOS and Android devices experienced a “massive influx” of device registrations. The company obtained this information via the over 140,000 applications that use Flurry analytics. Overall, they saw device registrations jump from 1.5 million per day during the first part of December as compared to the 6.8 million device registrations on Christmas day. That works out to be a massive 353% increase.


Flurry also notes that App Store activity rose 125% compared to earlier in the month. Throughout the month there were around 108 million app downloads per day. On Christmas day that number jumped to 242 million downloads.

Another analytics firm, Localytics, also issued a report noting that iOS activations were around 12 times higher throughout the holiday weekend than they were prior. This increase was over 15 times higher for iOS devices as a whole here in the States. The iPod touch jumped a massive 21 times the prior baseline at this time as well. This isn’t surprising considering that it requires not contract, and now clocks in at $199.

In other words, smartphone platforms, at least the big two, iOS and Android, booming. Plus, Apple is doing just fine in their battle against Google for marketshare. It will be interesting to see how these numbers compare to Apple’s when they hold their earnings conference call sometime early next year.

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