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Photogene2 for iPhone


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It wasn’t until I searched the App Store for Photogene, one of my favourite photo editors on the iPhone, that I realized it had been taken away…and replaced by a sexy, 99-cent sequel. Photogene2 (which is probably read “squared”) replaces the four-year old interface of Photogene with something much, flashier and more powerful. However, unlike Photoforge 2, Photogene2 still manages to feel intuitive, despite all of the extra power under the hood.

I haven’t had enough time with the app to review it yet, but it’s definitely feeling like a solid upgrade so far. All the familiar crop, text, and enhancement tools are here, but they’re much more flexible now. It’s also blazingly fast on my 4S.

Photo 2011 12 27 10 12 20 PM

I realize that this may look like overkill, since apps like Photoforge 2 and PhotoToaster already fill out similar functions, but there really is a whole new level of polish to Photogene2, which makes it well worth a look.

The initial purchase is $0.99, though there are extra in-app purchases if you’re looking to spend some of your Christmas money.


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