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Report Claims Apple to use IGZO Displays in a Thinner, Low-Power iPad

DigiTimes, who’s reports are becoming evermore sketchy regarding the next-generation iPad, is now reporting that the new iPad will utilize IGZO displays to achieve a thinner, more power-efficient design. They don’t come right out and say that, but if you read between the lines, the “next-generation mobile display products” they refer to equates to “iPad 3”.

This wouldn’t be that surprising, considering that a semi-credible market analyst just last month suggested that Apple would be using this technology. Plus, Sharp, who has been rumored to be one of the display suppliers for the next-generation iPad is heavily pushing IGZO technology.

Whether this be the display technology that Apple uses or not, there seems to be little doubt that the next-generation iPad will be thinner, lighter, likely more power efficient, and come with a 2048×1536 resolution display. What remains the biggest question, is when the device will make its debut. Some claim as early as February, 24th– Steve Jobs’ birthday, while other reports suggest it will be released in the usual March/ April timeframe. We’ll see.

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  • Bill

    Well it seems the only one to benefit from all this is the PEOPLE which is great. The competition is fierce out there and everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie. That being said….let the games begin….