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Next-Generation iPad to Have Improved Camera, Apple to Continue to Sell iPad 2 at Lower Pricepoint

iphone-camera-icon.jpgiLounge is reporting that Apple will be building better cameras into the next-generation iPad. Specifically, the report claims that the front-facing camera will now be a FaceTime HD camera much like the cameras being built into current-generation MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Thunderbolt displays, while having a back camera on par in quality to the camera built into the iPhone 4S.

The report goes on to echo other recent rumors, suggesting that the new iPad will be slightly thicker to accommodate new internal components, while retaining a case design very similar to the current iPad. In fact, the report suggests that consumers should think of this new iPad as an “iPad 2 Pro, not a redesign”.

Lastly, iLounge believes that Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 alongside this new model, as a lower-priced offering. This would be a move on Apple’s part to fight off lower-priced competing products such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The new start price for the iPad 2 is speculated to be at $399, while the new iPad would be introduced in March.

Granted more, and more respectable news outlets are reporting that the next-generation iPad will be thicker to accommodate new internals. I’m still not convinced. Apple, at least under Jobs’ (and Ive’s) control would not allow for that kind of design concession in the first place, if they thought that it would effect future generations of the device.

In other words, they will always go thinner, because the public perceives that as an improvement, but never thicker because they looks like a step backward. The designers at Apple know this, and would not have made that design choice for the iPad 2 knowing that they would have to reverse that decision one year later with the “iPad 3”.

As for the other things mentioned in this report- they all sound reasonable to me. The inclusion of HD-capable cameras to go along with the expected “retina” display makes sense. I also would be surprised if there is a faster processor to power the denser screen, and the inclusion of Siri in the new device as well. That is purely speculation on my part however.

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