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Behringer’s Soundscape Air for iPod and iPhone Premiers at CES; Offers Wireless Speakers With Inductive Charging

Soundscape Air

One truism at CES is that you cannot throw a rock without hitting someone’s generic iDevice speaker dock, which are almost always pretty much one like another, save for the exterior design and pricing.   Innovation, however, is largely absent.   There are exceptions, however, such as Behringer’s Soundscape Air.


The first thing you notice about the Soundscape Air is that the 3” speakers aren’t attached – they are wireless.  Indeed, they need not even be in the same room.

CES 100The innovation didn’t end there, however.   The speakers also charge inductively, so after a night of multi-room musical bliss (up to 150 feet away), all you need to do is place the speaker back in its spot, where it will charge automatically.  You can also connect your computer to the speakers via USB to stream your music, or connect any other source via line in. 


The Soundscape Air comes with a remote control and is expected to be available in Q3 for $99.


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  • Steve Britton

    Now this is cool !!! Just what I need for my deck in the summer. My wife Always has her Iphone by her side, even after being in the pool !. This would be awesome for those hot summer days under the patio umbrella with a cool drink in your hand !