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Apple Reportedly Set to Introduce Next-Generation iPad During the First Week of March, Components Begin to Surface

A lot of reports have begun to surface regarding the next-generation iPad. The first being a report from AllThingsD in which they claim the new device will be introduced during the first week of March. This falls in line with last year, where Apple introduced the iPad 2 on March 2nd, and began selling the device on March 11th. This report is backed up by a simple “Yep” from the ever-well-informed Jim Dalrymple of The Loop.


Around the same time, RepairLabs reported that they have received a photo of what is claimed to be the rear shell of the iPad 3. The back casing seems to be very similar to the iPad 2’s casing, with the exception of a smaller logic board which would likely make room for a larger battery.

The casing also has minor changes in where the display would be mounted and where the camera would be located. These changes of course, are not indicative of any changes that might be made to either of those components.


Another report from Apple.pro picks up where the RepairLabs report leaves off. That is, it shows the back of this reported iPad 3 casing. Not surprisingly, the back looks quite similar to the iPad 2 casing, much as the inside looked very similar to the iPad 2 as well. Apple.pro also accompanies the photo of the case with a photo of Smart Cover magnets reportedly destined for the iPad 3. This suggests that Apple is continuing their support, if not push, for Smart Covers.


Lastly, a report emerged earlier today from Macotakra which points out a post from iLab Factory showing a photo of a 9.7-inch LCD panel from Sharp. This panel reportedly carries a resolution of 2048×1536. The accompanying cables and connections fall in line nicely with other previously reported components.


I’ve shared my thoughts and skepticism before, and at this late date, I do believe Apple will be cramming more new features, the biggest being a higher-resolution display, into the iPad 3, which appears to have a design very similar to the iPad 2.

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