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Report Claims Siri Language Support to Expand to Chinese, Japanese, and Russian Next Month

Screen Shot 2012-02-09 at 12.41.34 PM.pngTech in Asia points to a report from DoNews, a Chinese technology website, which claims that Apple will be introducing new language support for Siri on the iPhone 4S sometime next month. Specifically, the languages in question include Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Reportedly, Apple only plans to include Mandarin Chinese, and so other dialects will be left out for now.

Currently Siri offers language support in English (US, UK and Australia), French, and German. That said, Apple’s FAQ on Siri is promising support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish sometime this year.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that Apple is scrambling to bring Chinese support online as fast as possible. This is a huge and growing market for Apple, and again, if I had to bet, will soon be Apple’s biggest.

This does not devalue any of the other markets Apple is in, Apple has a lot to gain, and more to lose in markets such as Japan, Russia, India, and Brazil. It’s just a matter of time before Apple rolls out Siri there as well. The race is on to cover the globe.

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