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The Early Edition 2.1 for iPad: Faster Syncing and Infinitely More Readability

The Early Edition 2.1 came out a day or two ago, and it gained a few significant upgrades. It’s still the newspaper-shaped RSS reader I loved in my initial review, but it’s now a little faster with syncing (about 15 seconds to sync a day’s worth of my feeds), and it has added some awesome Readability support.

The latter is a particularly killer addition because it means that partial feeds, like the one for Joystiq, can be read in-app without having to load the entire webpage up. Thank goodness for this, as it has always been a little annoying to head to a website and have only one extra paragraph to read “after the jump”. I’d go so far as to say the Readability support warrants another look at The Early Edition 2 (download link here) if you passed it up the first time around. You can now get a lot more reading done from right within the app, and it’s a great experience.

I also think I’ve figured out my “perfect” settings for the app. I still sync only once per day, so I use TEE2 as a sort of morning catch-up app, and I’ve set “pre-load images” to OFF. Instead, I have set “Page Turning” to “Wait for pre-loaded images”, and this seems to have gotten the app to feel more like Flipboard (which downloads and displays images absurdly quickly), and seems to have lowered the number of instances where I’ll turn a page and have to wait for images to pop in.


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