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Report Shows Some Next-Generation iPad Components Assembled

Just last week iLab Factory posted an image of what they claim is a high-resolution (2048×1536) 9.7-inch Sharp display destined for the upcoming iPad 3. Well, now they iLab is reporting that they have received the rear shell and dock connector cable components that have been floating around the internet as of late, and have assembled them accordingly.


This development from iLab adds to the credibility of these parts, while giving us a tangible idea of what the next-generation iPad will look like. Most noteworthy is the fact that these iPad 3 components are marginally thicker than the iPad 2 components. This, according to the report, is most likely due to increased battery size, and other internal tweaks needed to power the higher-resolution display.


As mentioned before, and echoed again by this report, the camera mounting in this new component is very different than the the mounting found in the iPad 2’s case. This could indicate a major camera change in the new model, or it could be indicative of rearranged internals, or it could mean nothing at all.

In summary, these components work together harmoniously, and a product is beginning to form. So if I were to wager with the current evidence in front of me, I would bank on the next-generation iPad looking very similar to the iPad 2, but only marginally thicker.

Images courtesy of iLab Factory.

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