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Wall Street Journal Reports 4G LTE iPad Coming to AT&T and Verizon


Late yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the next-generation iPad will come in 4G LTE version for AT&T and Verizon customers. The report also notes that it is unclear as to whether other US carriers (Read: Sprint) will carry the new iPad.

The report goes on to note that the device will fall back to slower network technologies when LTE is not accessible. On the other hand, there was no indication as to whether a single device will work on either AT&T or Verizon, or if Apple would be creating different iPads for each carrier as they currently do for the iPad 2.

If I had to guess, Apple will create a single iPad model capable of 4G LTE networking, that will work on any of the major networks that the iPhone 4S is currently offered on. In other words, Apple will streamline their manufacturing and create single model that can be used on any sanctioned network.

To keep the feature rundown up to date, it appears the next-generation iPad will have a double-resolution Retina display, an A6 quad-core processor, and according to this report LTE networking. With recent component leaks, it appears all of these new features will be crammed into a slightly thicker iPad 2 form-factor.

It’s worth noting that Apple has deliberately leaked information regarding unreleased products, to the Wall Street Journal in the past. This is one way in which Apple generates excitement prior to the release of a product.

It is being reported that this new iPad will be announced on Wednesday, March 7th.

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