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Apple Seeds: More Mountain Lion Features, Officially Drops ‘Mac’ from ‘Mac OS X’, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Software Update to Become Part of Mac App Store Staring in Mountain Lion

It appears that, beginning with Mountain Lion Software Update will be moved to the Mac App Store. I thought this was odd when Apple first introduced the Mac App Store, that they also supported Software Update alongside it. Two is too many places for the common consumer to check for updates in my opinion. [Read More]

An Explanation of iCloud Documents in Mountain Lion

As of right now, getting documents from your iPad to your Mac is a pain in the ass. Starting with Mountain Lion, it looks like applications on OS X will be able to tap into Documents on iCloud. This is what I’m most excited about in Mountain Lion. [Read More]

We Have Seen the Last of ‘Mac’ in ‘Mac OS X’

It seems today, with the introduction of the Mountain Lion developer preview, Apple has completely wiped the “Mac” from “Mac OS X”. This only significant due to habit; after all the company has been calling Mac OS X for over ten years now. [Read More]

Apple Lowers iAd Buy-In Fee Again

This is one of those perfect examples that demonstrate the fact that not everything Apple touches glitters like gold. The company has reportedly lowered the buy-in price for their iAd program once again. Remember, that Apple started the program at a $1 million buy-in. Over time that price dropped to $500,000, to $300,000, and as of today, now $100,000. It shows that developers are going elsewhere for their ads. Good thing this isn’t a major business initiative for Apple. [Read More]

Apple Seeking to Sue Bankrupt Kodak

Remember a while back that Kodak had filed suit against Apple for patent infringement? Since that time Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection, and Apple is now seeking permission from the bankruptcy court to sue the dying Kodak. If Apple were to win, it would be a finishing blow for the once-great Kodak. [Read More]

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