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Review Update: Waterfield Travel Express for iPad

I reviewed the Waterfield Travel Express a few months ago, but I wanted to post a quick update and say that this little iPad bag is still performing beautifully. At full capacity, the TravEx can house an iPad with Smart Cover, Apple Bluetooth keyboard, a folded pair of Sennheiser PX-200 IIi headphones, and charging cables — all without showing any unsightly bulges.

This is one of the coolest compartmentalized bags I’ve ever owned. It’s always easy for me to reach right into the TravEx to remove a pair of headphones or a cleaning cloth, and I never have to worry about other contents spilling out. I also really love the zipper, which unzips horizontally along the top, and then vertically down the side. Opening the bag all the way allows me to fit larger items, like the Apple BT keyboard of the Adonit Writer, without having to fidget with or jam them in inch-by-inch.

The outside of the bag has also remained spotless, thanks to the black nylon. I’ve sat this bag down on dirty Subway seats and accidentally bumped it against the peeling wooden planks at construction sites, bu it also goes back to looking brand new after a quick pat down. I’ve also inadvertently tested the impact protection by banging the bag right into a streetcar pole while I swung into my seat. I didn’t do this on purpose, but I’m very glad that the two plastic inserts did their job and shielded the iPad from impact.

The only wish I have at this point is that Waterfield saw fit to add a very minimal handle to the bag. I love the suspension strap and I never use the Travel Express without it, but a very minimal nylon handle near the bottom would be appreciated for keeping the bag steady during rush hour sprints. It would also make the bag a little easier to pick up.

But those are pretty minor complaints in the scheme of things. I’m terrifically happy with this little bag, and it has held up beautifully through daily use. This San Francisco company has a reputation for making some very sturdy, well-designed products, and I think the simple $69 Travel Express is some of their best work yet. If you decide to pick one up, definitely make sure to also purchase a strap on your way to the checkout. The Travel Express really shines as a standalone bag.


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