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More Purported Hardware Components Surface for Next-Generation iPad

Over the weekend several posts cropped up claiming to showcase components for the next-generation iPad. Most prominently, MacRumors is claiming to have gotten their hands on a ultra-high resolution Retina display destined to be used in the next-generation iPad.

The display is the same 9.7-inch size as the displays used in the previous two generations of the iPad. However, when viewed under a microscope, it is apparent that the new display has 4×4 pixel clusters as compared to the earlier 2×2 clusters in previous iPad models. The math works out to the previously rumored 2048×1536 resolution, which is double the current iPad’s 1024×768.


MacRumors is one of those news sources I trust, as they do not break news themselves unless they have proof. So bank on a Retina display coming to the new iPad in March.

Next up is a forum post from the Chinese site WeiPhone, which plays host to to a supposed image of the next-generation iPad’s logic board. More interestingly, is that the main processor on the board is not identified as the “A6” (following the iPad and iPad 2’s respective “A4” and “A5” chip naming scheme) which was the expected moniker, but rather as the “A5X”.


Information such as the number of cores or the clock speed of the cores cannot be sussed from the part, but one piece of information, the date code, suggests that the board was manufactured in mid-November of 2011. So there’s that.

Lastly, NextMedia is reporting that the new iPad will have a more tapered edge than the iPad 2, and will also sport an improved camera. As it turns out, the part that this report brings to light, has been seen before. However, poor lighting in the original photo over-exaggerated the definition of the curvature of the case. Now, in the new photo, the tapered edge is much more subtle.


The report also suggests that the next-generation iPad will have a much nicer camera than the iPad 2’s crummy 1 Megapixel sensor. In fact, the images seem to show a much larger hole in the iPad 3’s casing for a larger sensor. In all, they claim the new camera will have an 8 Megapixel capacity.

So it seems that the forthcoming iPad will have a Retina display, an “A5X” processor, a slightly more tapered case than the iPad 2, and an 8 Megapixel camera. Not bad at all.

Images courtesy (in order) of MacRumors, WeiPhone, NextMedia/Apple Daily.

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