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Apple Seeds: Yet More Details Surface Regarding Mountain Lion, iPhone Coming to China Telecom, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Mountain Lion Deprecates More Carbon APIs, Drops X11

Apple is getting rid of some of the cruft in OS X with the introduction of Mountain Lion. This means more Carbon APIs are being deprecated, and the X11 windowing system will no longer be bundled with OS X. Seems fair enough, considering these technologies were mostly used as crutches in the transition from OS 9 to OS X. [Read More]

Mountain Lion Drops Support for Some Macs with Integrated Graphics

Reports are surfacing noting that some 2006-2008 Macs with integrated graphics do not officially support OS X Mountain Lion. However, some developers are installing the developer preview of the OS on some late 2006 iMacs just fine. Your milage may vary. [Read More]

Messages App Will be Mountain Lion Exclusive When Beta Ends

It has come to light that OS X Lion will not indefinitely play host to the Message app currently in beta. So, expect the beta to come to an end when Mountain Lion is launched later this summer. If I had to guess, Messages will follow the pattern set by the FaceTime beta of last year. That is, Messages will go on sale in the Mac App Store after the beta, for user who do not upgrade to Mountain Lion. [Read More]

iPhone 4S Coming to China Telecom on March 9th

As had been rumored for some time, China Telecom has announced that they will begin selling the iPhone 4S in mainland China starting on March 9th. Remember, that China Unicom has been the sole iPhone service provider in China for several years now. China is a big market, and Apple is quickly trig to grab as much as they can. [Read More]

Apple Once Again Delays Deadline for Sandboxing of Mac App Store Apps

Apparently developers are having problems scrambling to meet Apple’s new sandboxing requirement seeing as the company has extended the deadline to June 1st. Apple had previously extended the deadline from last November to March 1st of 2012. So, it seems Apple is not doing their part to help developers make the transition.

Sandboxing is a new regulation set in place that requires all apps to sandbox themselves from the rest of the system, thus preventing a misbehaving app from taking down the whole system. This is why iOS apps never take down the whole system. [Read more]

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