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Report Claims Microsoft Office Coming to iPad Soon [UPDATED]

The Daily is claiming that they have spent some quality time with a version of Office designed for iPad. It’s worth noting that The Daily had previously reported that Microsoft was indeed working on a version the Microsoft Office productivity suite for the iPad.


The Daily even has a photo of the software running, in which they claim the version show can create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files locally and online. Very cool.

The report goes on to note that app will be submitted to the App Store for approval in the near future. They also note that a version for Android is “not in the works”. So there’s that.

I think this is the prefect opportunity to point to an article by Patrick Rhone, wherein he suggests Microsoft’s reluctance to develop Office for other platforms from the outset, has proven to the world that they do not need Office to get work done. Food for thought.

Image courtesy of The Daily.

[UPDATE] The New York Times follows up with a statement issued by Microsoft in which the company outright denies the existence of the project. After Microsoft made that statement, a flood input on behalf of The Daily and Microsoft (via other news agencies) began to surface both countering each others claims. Microsoft continued to deny the project, The Daily doubled down. Who knows what’s going on.

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