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Things Cloud Sync Now in Public Beta

Today is one of those days that sometimes felt like it would never come. I’m talking, of course, about the announcement that the Things Cloud Sync is now in public beta. This has been a while coming.

Things Cloud isn’t iCloud syncing through Apple, but it works beautifully. You simply create an account with Things Cloud and the Things clients across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac will then be able to sync with one another via the Internet, and not through the Mac and your local wireless network (which is how the retail version currently works).

I’ve been using the beta for a few weeks now and have been nothing but pleased with it. It’s fast and does a great job of “just working”. The ability to sync tasks whenever I have a working Internet connection has really empowered the Things iPad app, which works really well, but has been handicapped by the current local syncing solution. Until the beta, it always made more sense to simply use the iPhone and Mac versions of Things to keep the syncing process as simple as possible. I’m really happy that this is no longer the case and that all three Things clients now feel like they’re all on the same level in terms of utility.

The only caveat is that task importing isn’t ready quite yet, so you’ll have to start with a totally fresh database. But if that doesn’t scare you off and you’re aching to have your copy of Things catch up in the syncing game, you can check out the Things Cloud public beta details post.

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