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The Beatles Ringtones Now Available in iTunes

The Beatles

Beatles Ringtones

As of today, you can purchase ringtones of songs from The Beatles in iTunes. There are over 25 Beatles songs (or 30 seconds worth of them) now available as ringtones.

That’s right, for just $1.29 you can have 30 seconds of Pop glory as your default ringtone on your iPhone. When I first got wind of this I thought ‘I really don’t like that many Beatles songs’, but I thought I’d take a look anyway and write a quick post about it.

About three minutes later, I had three new Beatles ringtones on my iPhone 4S – Can’t Buy Me Love, All You Need Is Love, and Ticket to Ride. And honestly, I was tempted to grab a few others too.

What do you all think? Will you be buying any Beatles ringtones? Oh, and if your answer is yes – you can find links to them right on the iTunes home page on the iPhone.

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