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Yet More Next-Gen iPad Components Surface: Front Glass and Back Casing

In recent weeks a reports have been springing up claiming to have details regarding components destined for the next-generation iPad (which is expected to be announced in early March). Adding to that list today, is a report from Apple.pro who points to a post from Sina Weibo who has posted a photo claiming to show the front glass for the iPad 3.


The panel itself has no major changes from the component used in the iPad 2. The whole for the home button is still round, and there remains an opening at the top for a camera lens. The biggest difference is the size and orientation of the ribbon cable.

The report goes on to note that the previously leaked A5X chip photo was real, and that the chip itself will support Siri functionality. The new iPad’s back camera will also be capable of shooting 1080p footage, and the iPad 3 will ship with iOS 5.1 installed. They also note that the US launch will be in mid-March, with France, Germany, Japan and UK rolling in April. Other market will see the device for sale sometime before June 1.

As for the back casing, more images are beginning to surface (via MICGadget) just showing the difference between the design of the iPad 2 compared to the iPad 3. In short, the iPad 3’s edges are more gradually tapered than the iPad 2’s, making the iPad 3 casing ever-so-slightly thicker.


This report, like others, also notes that the camera hole on the back casing is “noticeably larger”, which suggests a better camera. Some reports have pegged the new camera’s quality at 8 Megapixels. We’ll see if this pans out in time.

A solid image of what the next-generation iPad is going to look like, is beginning to form. In the next few days, as more information trickles in, I hope to report my thoughts on this matter.

Photo courtesy of Sina Weibo and MICGadget.

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