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Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2

Earlier in January I highlighted one of the niggles I’ve experienced while trying to get work done on the iPad: the inability to crop app icons so that their backgrounds show up white (invisible) when used in posts. The $10 Adobe Photoshop Touch app looks like it might be the answer to my prayers, and it seems a lot of other people likely feel the same, as the app is currently #1 on the TOP PAID iPad APPS list in the Canadian App Store. There are already a number of apps out there that use the concept of layers and the ability to crop and mask (my hopes were highest for PhotoForge 2), but none seem quite as easy or as comprehensive as Photoshop Touch.

There are a few limitations to the app, like the 1600 x 1600 maximum resolution, but I’m genuinely excited to have significant portions of the desktop Photoshop experience available on the iPad 2, where I already enjoy tweaking pictures downloaded through Photo Stream. If you’re interested, here’s a direct link to Photoshop Touch on the App Store. [iPad 1 owners be warned: this app won’t work on your devices.]

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