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Apple Seeds: Sprint’s Big Contract, Possible iPad Pricing Changes, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Sprint Committed to $15.5 Billion in 2011 iPhone Contract

Sprint really did bet the company on the iPhone in 2011. It is now being reported that Sprint made the minimum purchase of $15.5 billion in high-subsidy iPhones. The company also plans to order more. [Read More]

Best Buy Offering $50 iPad Price Cuts Ahead of iPad 3 Launch

It seems that Best Buy is preparing for the introduction of the next-generation iPad as well. Firstly, they are marking down iPads by $50. Secondly, their internal inventory tracking system now shows the iPad 2 with the status of “Deleted”. [Read More]

Report Claims iPad 3 to Have Increased Price Over iPad 2

A report from Sina Weibo claims that the next-generation iPad will have an $80 price hike over the iPad 2. I strongly doubt this, even if it costs more for Apple to manufacture. [Read More]

Rear Shell Destined for iPad 3 is .8mm Thicker than iPad 2’s Shell

Proving that the next-generation iPad’s enclosure is indeed every-so-slightly thicker than the iPad 2, Apple.pro has posted images showing the two cases being measured side by side. [Read More]

iOS 5.1 Houses Evidence of Simultaneous Development for A5X and A6 Processors

Without going into technical details, evidence of both an “A5X” and “A6” processor are present in the iOS 5.1 beta. Specifically, the source code mentions S5L8950X and S5L8945X, which represents two separate chipsets With both processors being referenced in a X.1 update suggests plans for either or both chips to be used in the near future. This could be Apple making contingency plans, or it could indicate several product lines. We’ll see soon enough on March 7th. [Read More]

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