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Apple is the World’s Most Admired Company for Fifth Year in a Row


Fortune, for the fifth year in the row, has ranked Apple as the world’s most admired company.

The report goes on to outline all that has happened in the past year: from the passing of Steve Jobs, to the rise of Tim Cook, to the 81% increase in iPhone sales (that’s without the very successful iPhone 4S being factored in), to the 334% increase in iPad sales spurred by the iPad 2. All of this lead to Apple shares jumping 75% in fiscal 2011 to $495 (now sitting at $544).

To me, this says a lot of things. Firstly, it shows that the people really do appreciate Apple’s way of thinking. That is, great design is paramount; don’t settle for less. Secondly, Tim Cook is more than capable of taking over the company after Jobs passed. Thirdly, it shows me that Jobs set up a culture within the company that will continue to make great things for years to come. Granted it’s only been a few months since Apple lost it’s visionary, but I think they’ll do just fine going forward, with his spirit still embedded in the DNA of the company.

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