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The App Store Reaches 25 Billion Downloads

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Just a brief note. Apple’s iOS App Store has reached a new landmark- 25 billion downloads from the store.

It’s worth remembering that the App Store isn’t even four years old yet (launched in July of 2008), and has achieved unprecedented success at an amazing rate. Not even the “open” Android Marketplace can compete with these numbers.

With the success, there has been some growing pains, especially in the early days when developers were kept in the dark, and Apps were being rejected by the approval process for no apparent reason. Nearly four years later, many of these problems have been resolved, and Apple has paid out over $4 Billion to the developer community.

I think there is a lot of innovation still left untapped, and I can’t wait to see what other smash hits such as Angry Birds, Instagram, Flipboard, and Path come out of the store in the future. It’s a truly amazing time to be a developer.

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