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Apple Closing in on Production of 7.85-Inch iPad, More Suppliers Tapped


DigiTimes, in their relentless effort to report the “iPad mini” story, is now pointing to a report from United Evening News, a Taiwanese site, which is now naming a number of companies that will make up Apple’s supply chain for the production of the device.

Firstly, the report claims that Apple will be using Pegatron as the assembler for the device, instead of the usual Foxconn. This isn’t unheard of considering Apple has used Pegatron for the assembly of the iPhone, and is rumored to be aiding in the production of the iPad 3.

Secondly, the report notes that LG Display will be making 70-75% of the displays for the new smaller iPad, and Au Optronics will be handling the rest of the load. Samsung, because of Apple’s current patent disagreements with the company, will be shut out of production of the device, while Radiant Opto-Electonics and Forhouse will be making the backlights for the screen.

These suppliers, specifically LG and AU Optronics have been named as suppliers for the device before by publications such as The Wall Street Journal. This adds significant credibility to these claims.

Perhaps I’m very wrong about this whole “iPad mini” thing. Previously, I had echoed the statements of the late Steve Jobs, who claimed the company had no interest in making a smaller iPad. Plus, I thought a smaller iPad would be less than ideal. Besides, I personally would have little to no interest in a smaller iPad. That said, there are enough reports floating around now, some from big, credible publications, which claim Apple is at least looking into the idea. Time will tell.

Image courtesy of MacRumors.

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