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Report Claims Revamped iPad 3 Smart Covers, and Glass-Backed iPhone 5 On the Way

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iLounge is reporting that one of their reliable sources is claiming that Apple will have Smart Cover-esque cases for the iPad 3, which will offer protection for the device’s back, and a glass-backed iPhone 5 due for release later this year.

First off, the report claims that the iPad 3 will work with existing Smart Covers, however Apple is reportedly looking into a new Smart Cover-like system, but one with protection for the back of the device as well. Thus, giving protection to the entire device. It is not currently known if these cases will work only with the iPad 3, or if it will work with the iPad 2 as well.

The report contains another claim, which states that the iPhone 5, which is rumored to be released later this year, will have a glass or ceramic backing for the device. If Apple uses Gorilla Glass from Corning, they will reportedly be capable of making an even thinner iPhone. They also claim that Apple may be looking into a larger screen for the device, and possibly the use of a smaller dock connector.

There are several problems I have with this report. Apple stressed at their last iPad event, that the idea behind the Smart Cover was to maintain the thin profile of the device while providing some kind of protection for the screen. Now, I still can’t see Apple building a larger screen into the iPhone, especially if the reports of a smaller iPad are true. That would remove much of the distinction between the device lines. Perhaps I’m very wrong.

I do believe that Apple is working on a smaller dock connector, because, to be frank, I’m surprised that the 30-pin connector has lasted this long anyway. Perhaps with enough time, Apple will get rid of the dock connector entirely, and rely solely on iCloud for data syncing. Noting more than a guess on my part however.

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