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New Apple TV – Anyone Excited?

New Apple TV 2012

Alongside that other little new product unveiling this week, Apple also announced a new Apple TV, due to be released the same day as the new iPad, on March 16.

The big new feature for the new Apple TV is support for 1080p HD. Among the other improvements mentioned are:

— A streamlined user interface (though no mention of Siri integration)

— TV shows the day after they air

— iTunes Match support

— Photo Stream support

The price for the new model remains the same at $99.

I bought the 2nd-gen Apple TV shortly after it came out, and I feel like it was $99 very well spent. I have rented a good number of TV show episodes and movies on it, listened to music and watched lots of good video and video podcast content on it via AirPlay, and even spent some time playing games via AirPlay. AirPlay is a real killer feature for the Apple TV.

So I think I’ll probably upgrade to the new Apple TV in a few weeks – not right away because I’ll be spending a lot on the new iPad next week. I figure I’ll keep the old Apple TV around too and just use it in a different room.

How about you all? Are you impressed / excited by the new Apple TV? Are you planning to get one?

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  • Craig

    Considering I was able to update my current apple tv to the new user interface, already get tv shows the day after they air and also already have iTunes match support, it appears the only new feature is 1080p. Not worth another $100 to me

  • Brandon

    In a word – No. Not excited at all. But to be honest I have a TV that’s limited to 720p so there’s very little in the new ATV that’s worth me spending money on. No apps, no games, no onboard storage (or USB support) for movies I already have in digital format.

  • Ramesh

    I had it in the cart, ready to buy then declined. The main upgrade is 1080p. That’s nice and all, but I can wait.

  • Kieren

    I have 1 TV and bought the ATV2 back in November, I’m super happy with it. But had I known the ATV3 would be identical to the ATV2 I possibly should have waited for the ATV3, but then again I was a little too eager… I’d prefer to wait for the actual TV (If apple ever come out with one). Then I’d get that, move my current TV and ATV2 to the bedroom as a spare because 720p isn’t too bad quality.

    Thats my plan any ways.