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iFixit Currently Tearing Down New iPad [UPDATED]


iFixit got their hands on the new iPad at a Telstra retail store in Melbourne, Australia during a midnight launch. The site is now in the process of opening the device and identifying the device’s components.

The biggest thing of note discovered so far, is that the Retina display is indeed being manufactured by Samsung. It is being reported that Samsung is the only supplier of these high-resolution displays at the moment, but Sharp and LG will soon be joining the effort.

It was thought that Apple might drop Samsung as a supplier, due to the patent dispute the two companies are embroiled in.

I will update this post as iFixit reports new findings.

Image courtesy of iFixit.

[UPDATE] Here is the amended list of components from iFixit:

– Broadcom BCM4430 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi chip, which supports low-powered Bluetooth 4.0.

– The A5X has a manufacturing date code that indicates it was made in the first week of January.

– Just as expected, the wireless chip is a Qualcomm MDM9600.


– This iPad contains Toshiba flash memory, but that is likely to vary from iPad to iPad as Apple obtains flash from several manufacturers.

– The battery is 70% larger than the iPad 2’s, which accounts for the new iPad’s slight depth increase over the iPad 2.

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  • Arnie

    There are rumours that the new IPAD runs very hot, and there maybe a recall.

    Is it safe to purchase the new IPAD or is it better to wait.