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iTunes 1080p Content Approaching Blu-Ray Quality, New Apple TVs Beginning to Arrive

Ars Technica has taken a close look at the new 1080p iTunes content just now arriving on the store. They note that the iTunes offerings come surprisingly close to Blu-ray quality, especially giving iTunes’ smaller file size.

However, the iTunes content does have some issues with dark gradients, noise levels, high detail, and bright highlights. Still, I would wager that this would be “good enough” for most people, especially considering the convenience.

The next order of business, regards the Apple TV and how it is showing up on doorsteps a day earlier than promised by Apple. AppleInsider is displaying several images from someone who has received the Apple TV early. It’s identical to it’s predecessor.


This new Apple TV has a new, custom, single-core A5 in it, making it capable of handling 1080p content. Apple’s online store is now reporting a 1-2 week wait time on the new Apple TV, suggesting demand as high or higher than Apple expected. Maybe it’s just pent up launch hype.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica and AppleInsider respectively.

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