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Vast Majority of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri on a Regular Basis

Siri.jpgA new study shows that some 87% of iPhone 4S users use at least one Siri feature each month. This should come as no surprise considering that Apple is heavily marketing the feature in their iPhone TV ads.

According to the report, some of the biggest uses of Siri include sending text messages and making phone calls. In fact, about a third of iPhone 4S owners use Siri for these purposes, and to look up information, every day or almost every day.

Other Siri features aren’t fairing as well, such as playing music and scheduling meetings. Around a third of 4S users said they had never used Siri for those functions. These same functions also had the lowest number of users claiming they used these function every day or almost every day.

Lastly, the survey notes that 55% of iPhone 4S users were happy with Siri, while 9% were unsatisfied. The remaining 36% were somewhere in-between the two extremes.

There are several things at play here. First, remember, Siri is still technically in Beta. Secondly, perhaps these numbers of most-used and least-used Siri features indicate what iPhone users do with the device rather than show what they use Siri for? I pose this question, as a sample size of one, because I use my iPhone as a communications device, but rely on Siri more for playing music, scheduling meetings, alarms, and reminders. Almost the opposite of what this report claims to have found.

Thirdly, I wonder if this is nothing more than a result of ignorance from the end user. That is, users do not know the full capabilities of Siri. If this is the case, Apple should fix it somehow.

What do you use Siri most for? We’d love to here from you. Leave a comment!

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  • Ricardo

    Foreigners cannot use Siri due to extreme accent issues:
    It never understands what I am saying!!! :(((((