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Steve Jobs Contacted Siri Shortly After App Launch

Network World is reporting on remarks made by Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus at a keynote speech given in Chicago. There he outlined the events that led to Apple’s acquisition of the company. According to Kittlaus, just three weeks after the Siri app made its debut on the App Store, Steve Jobs personally contacted him, thus beginning the partnership that would end with the Siri technology being incorporated into the iPhone 4S.

As it turned out, Jobs did not particularly care for the “Siri” name, but with no one thinking of a better one, they ultimately kept the name for the iPhone 4S launch.

In all, the Siri app launched in February of 2010, and the company was bought up by Apple just three months later. Kittlaus himself worked at Apple until October, then returned to Chicago to pursue other interests.


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