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Report Claims Apple Increasing Production of Nex-Generation 13 and 15-Inch MacBook Pros

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple will be increasing the production of the next-generation MacBook Pros over the next few months. Specifically, the 15-inch model in April, and 13-inch in June.

The report also notes that there are far more orders for the 13-inch model, but because we don’t know how many 13-inch MacBook Pros Apple usually sells compared to the 15-inch model. Besides, the April timeframe fits with the the reported release of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors.

The staggered release schedule could be explained with the release of lower-powered versions of the processors, which could be used in the 13-inch model. Apple typically used the lower-powered versions for the MacBook Air. However, with rumors suggesting that the new MacBook Pros will adopt a slimmer, more MacBook Air-like form factor, this move would make sense.

So, expect updated MacBook Pros within the next few months. It remains to be seen if they adopt the new form factor however.

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